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The great Australian BBQ is an institution. There is no better environment for a man to make his mark than a signature BBQ. For a man who loves his BBQ, what more could he ask for than gifts associated with one of his favourite pass times? BBQ gifts for men make great presents any time of the year and you never know when one of the gifts from the malebox BBQ collection will come in handy. It's simply not worth taking the risk of leaving a typical stand up BBQ guy without a BBQ branding iron... Surely you agree! It wouldn't be right to have a male, let alone the guy cooking the BBQ, standing over the barbecue at dusk without a proper light to ensure your steak isn't burning... it would simply be wrong. A lantern would make an excellent gift for a BBQ and luckily, we stock those too! Everyone knows that guys only need one hand for barbecuing, whilst the other has a firm grip on a stubby that is keeping his beer cold... we know what you are thinking... yes, we have those too! Check out these and many more BBQ gifts for him below!

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Guys love a BBQ

Call it a BBQ, Barbecue, barbeque, BBQ or barbie... it doesn't matter. Every man knows you are talking about his kingdom. The combination of man and love of using heat directed onto meat, exposed to charcoal, wood or propane fire… goes back a gazillion years. Plenty of different techniques exist, but the constants are man, meat and fire. Every BBQ participant knows that the captain, leader, royalty at BBQ cooking time… well it is the cook, the man of the house, the head chef of meat cooked at 240 degrees, risking his life against heat beads or gas cylinders just to provide lunch or dinner for the hungry!

malebox has put together a great selection of BBQ gifts for the man who is the provider in his kingdom. Choose from our selection, including lights, stubby holders, outdoor speakers and even a BBQ branding iron!