Must Have Men’s Accessories For Autumn 2014

Accessories are just as important for men as they are for women; it’s just that men tend to use different kinds of accessories than women. It’s all about different needs and preferences. It’s just that simple. To make finding men’s accessories easier, we’ve put together a list of a few of the must have men’s accessories for autumn 2014 that any man can wear time and again with different outfits.Must Have Men's Accessories For Autumn 2014

Hats - Loft hats, Duncan style hats, baseball caps, you name it, they’re all great accessories for autumn. The weather is cooler and men still go outside and doing what they do… walking, hiking or playing sport; all activities where they can wear a hat. Certain hats will also help keep men warm on cooler autumn nights and malebox stocks the more stylish variety…Must Have Men's Accessories For Autumn 2014

Hat Bands - Hat bands are one of the easiest ways for men to change up a boring, over-worn hat, or make a plain hat more interesting. They come in many different colours including sophisticated navy as well as brighter, more eye-catching colours. Hat bands work particularly well with loft hats, or other hats that have a distinct shape for the band to be slipped over or tied around.

Leather Jackets - Leather jackets quite literally go with anything. They can make jeans a little more edgy, and nice trousers more fun. They’re also great for keeping out cold autumn winds. Go for the classic black or the more modern brown, they’ll both make a statement.

Oxfords - Can anyone deny how stylish a nice pair of Oxford shoes are? We can’t. You shouldn’t. Get yourself or the man in your life a pair for those fall get-togethers and the upcoming work parties. You won’t regret it.

Leather Gloves - They’ll go great with that leather jacket or blazer, and men will wear them more than you’d think. That’s because they go with everything from jeans and jackets to nice button-down shirts. They’ll make driving easier as well, and keep hands warm as autumn turns into winter.Must Have Men's Accessories For Autumn 2014

All of these accessories are great choices for men, whether as personal purchases or gifts. They can be mixed and matched, and will match nearly any outfit. That versatility is a big part of what makes these accessories such necessities for men this autumn.

At malebox we provide several of these must have accessories, along with many others in a variety of styles and colour choices. Pick and choose which items you need versus what you already have so you can tidy up your fall wardrobe.

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