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Winter Essentials – Will Hugh Jackman be wearing a Manket?

In April this year, I wrote an article on dressing for Autumn. I then followed it up with an article on coats. Today, I introduce you to a few winter essentials. I also answer the hottest question in the media at the moment (maybe not absolute hottest)… Will Hugh Jackman be seen in a manket this winter?


Shoes are a style component often overlooked by guys. However, from my personal market research am solely (no pun intended) noticing a huge improvement in guys and their shoes. My research is based on nothing statistical; just my “gut feel” as I venture around Sydney looking at people’s feet. Shoes are seasonal and colours can make your winter essentials get noticed.

Winter Essentials - Shoes


Complete a contemporary look with these comfortable desert boots. The sleek design and smooth urban appeal of Aquila Doyel Charcoal makes it a staple to complement casual attire. This round toe suede lace-up boot rests on a contrasting black rubber sole offering comfort and style. I would encourage slim jeans to show them off.

For me, wearing a leather jacket is difficult. Let me explain. I love leather jackets, but I look like a mafia boss when don on the black leather. No offense to any authentic mafia bosses out there, but I lack most qualities associated with one, so the perfect leather jacket has escaped me. I’ve also longed for Tyler Durden’s (Brad Pitt in Fight Club if you are not an earthling) Red Leather Jacket, but I think it takes a bit of a rock star to wear that. Unfortunately, I’m neither of the two roles previously discussed, so I’m still on the look out for a leather jacket that suits me. Either way it’s a winter essential you really can’t go without.


Brad – Leather Jacket – Fight Club – everybody calm down

Perhaps a cool brown leather jacket would suit me. I mean, my hair is a little different, but I’m off to super-impose my head on Hugh’s body to see how it looks… let me know if you see any awesome ones out there! PS Trim/file your nails before you try Hugh’s jacket on for size.

Winter Essentials for men - the Leather Jacket

Hugh – looks great in Xmen in his leather jacket but will we see him in a manket?

About a year ago, I was reading GQ where they exposed men wearing extra-large, pashmina-like swathes of fabric around their necks. They were definitely not scarves. I think they called them a “manket”. I’d love to take the credit for mankets and mandles, but unfortunately I am not the inventor! A year on, we’ve seen the manket make the transition from the streets of Europe to runway shows, most prominently at Burberry Prorsum…. Do you think Hugh Jackman will be seen in one of the “mankets” below? hmmm…. I’m going out on a limb and saying no. If you do however catch a shot of Hugh wearing a manket, please make sure you let me know…

Winter Essentials - Mankets

Will you be wearing a manket this season? I have a 1% chance, cause you can never say never.

Because of the manket, I feel the need to talk about the scarf. Sydney winters are not too bad. So when it comes to staving off the chill on your chest and necka lighter weight scarf may not be enough. This season’s scarf winter essential scarf style is skewing towards statement neckwear. Many designers are opting for thicker fabrics, which will help avoid a manket if you don’t like them.

Winter Essentials - Scarf


I would love to hear your winter essentials stories and selection of leather jackets, shoes and mankets. Tag yourself and let us check it out on Instagram @mrmalebox

Trousers and Pants – malebox essential style guide for men – Part 3/10

Man wearing denim jeans and white tshirt

Trousers, jeans and pants are an important part of any outfit. You don’t necessarily need to fill your wardrobe with a huge number to get a great variation of looks! Welcome to part 3 of our 10 part series on essential style for men. If you missed part 2 which discussed mens shoes, make sure you check it out.


Stylists may suggest that you should have numerous pairs of well-fitted jeans. Why? You certainly don’t need numerous pairs to look great. If you are seriously cashed up and you have a massive wardrobe, then go for it… hell! buy 14 pairs. But here is the catch… the fit of your jeans is dependent on your body shape, so if you find “the ones” then that is really all you need. A good pair that is neither baggy nor too tight will see you through most situations—jeans of course can be dressed up or down depending on your shirt, shoes and accessories. A pair of well-fitting black or navy jeans for casual dates are also a great investment because they have a more formal look than a faded, light blue pair. If you can only afford one pair—go for a classic straight leg fit in a medium to dark rinse.

Denim Jeans

Dark rinse denim are great for a dressier look, while lighter rinse jeans are more casual.


Khaki or tan trousers work perfectly for work or leisure. Having a pair of these in your wardrobe provide an alternative to denim and are good options for a dinner date. These look great with a crisp white shirt, but navy, medium blue and black also work well. Once again, many factors influence what you should or shouldn’t wear.

Tracksuit Bottoms

“Trackies” are ideal for working out, doing yard work or relaxing at home. Guys often run their errands in track pants (presumably because of their comfort level), but I’d recommend leaving this look to the gym.

Sweat pants

These are perfect for working out or lounging around at home—and nothing else. Why? Because although they are comfortable, they show little effort on your part to look good. Women who do their grocery shopping in pyjama bottoms look the same way; like they just rolled out of bed. Avoid this look in casual situations at all costs.

The Pleated Pant Issue

Why so many men avoid flat-front trousers has always been a mystery to me. Flat-front trousers look better than pleated pants (on most), especially at the moment. Pleats can make you look like you are carrying excess weight and are a definite no-go area for some body shapes, even if they are more comfortable. As pleats are creeping back in, I suggest you contact me for the best choice for your body. Comfort is definitely a factor in clothing choice, but tracksuit pants are comfortable and you wouldn’t go out to dinner in those would you?

Pants with no pleats

Pants are an important part of any outfit…


Belts are an often-forgotten accessory, but they finish off an outfit nicely, in this case your pants, trouser or jeans —especially if you are wearing dress pants or a suit trouser. Black is the best choice for versatility, but brown is another good option. Formal situations require a thinner, more inconspicuous buckle—keep it simple and classic. Casual situations allow for a bigger buckle, but avoid overly fancy designs and keep it to a plain square or rectangle shape.

Mens Leather Belt with buckle in black, brown and tan colours

Belts are the finishing touch to any type of pants, jeans or trousers.

Pants, Trousers and Jeans form an important part of your appearance. The bottom half of you is just important as the top half, so don’t gloss over pants in any outfit. Pay attention to the detail and finish it off with a great belt and shoes. People will appreciate your effort and you will walk with confidence!

Must Have Men’s Accessories For Autumn 2014

Accessories are just as important for men as they are for women; it’s just that men tend to use different kinds of accessories than women. It’s all about different needs and preferences. It’s just that simple. To make finding men’s accessories easier, we’ve put together a list of a few of the must have men’s accessories for autumn 2014 that any man can wear time and again with different outfits.Must Have Men's Accessories For Autumn 2014

Hats - Loft hats, Duncan style hats, baseball caps, you name it, they’re all great accessories for autumn. The weather is cooler and men still go outside and doing what they do… walking, hiking or playing sport; all activities where they can wear a hat. Certain hats will also help keep men warm on cooler autumn nights and malebox stocks the more stylish variety…Must Have Men's Accessories For Autumn 2014

Hat Bands - Hat bands are one of the easiest ways for men to change up a boring, over-worn hat, or make a plain hat more interesting. They come in many different colours including sophisticated navy as well as brighter, more eye-catching colours. Hat bands work particularly well with loft hats, or other hats that have a distinct shape for the band to be slipped over or tied around.

Leather Jackets - Leather jackets quite literally go with anything. They can make jeans a little more edgy, and nice trousers more fun. They’re also great for keeping out cold autumn winds. Go for the classic black or the more modern brown, they’ll both make a statement.

Oxfords - Can anyone deny how stylish a nice pair of Oxford shoes are? We can’t. You shouldn’t. Get yourself or the man in your life a pair for those fall get-togethers and the upcoming work parties. You won’t regret it.

Leather Gloves - They’ll go great with that leather jacket or blazer, and men will wear them more than you’d think. That’s because they go with everything from jeans and jackets to nice button-down shirts. They’ll make driving easier as well, and keep hands warm as autumn turns into winter.Must Have Men's Accessories For Autumn 2014

All of these accessories are great choices for men, whether as personal purchases or gifts. They can be mixed and matched, and will match nearly any outfit. That versatility is a big part of what makes these accessories such necessities for men this autumn.

At malebox we provide several of these must have accessories, along with many others in a variety of styles and colour choices. Pick and choose which items you need versus what you already have so you can tidy up your fall wardrobe.

Don’t Leave Home Without It – Essential Travel Accessories For Men

Men are notoriously light when it comes to packing! It’s no surprise they often overlook carrying handy essentials. If you are a man guilty of under-packing, or you are the other half to a forgetful packer; do not miss this article. Read on to discover the travel essentials that every man needs. For business or pleasure, these must have travel accessories will prove invaluable for any trip. Continue reading