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A Man's Guide to Winter Weather Fashion

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Bundling up against the cold is one thing, but it's possible to protect yourself from the biting cold and winds, and still look good. If you take care of the basics, turn every woman's head, and be the envy of every guy out there ... all at the same time.

Here's a look at a man's guide to winter weather fashion.


Hat Duncan Black

You may run the risk of ruining your perfectly groomed hair with this one, but anybody who's ever ventured out into the cold without proper headgear knows what a mistake that can be. The agony - and danger - of leaving your ears and head exposed to snow, sleet, and rain makes investing in a good ski cap or trapper hat a must. You won't look good with snow in your hair and ice cold water trickling down your scalp.

Shoe polish

Shoe polish may not come to mind as the most glamorous item in your winter wear arsenal, but it might be one of the most useful. Much as we all want to look good in the winter, being practical is key; that's where shoe polish comes in. Regularly buffing up your boots protects them (and, crucially, your feet) from freezing cold slush that can seep in through hairline cracks. Shoe polish moisturizes your boots and protects the leather from drying out even as temperatures plunge and the wind cuts like knives.


Move on to what's actually inside your shoes. Your socks may not be the most fashionable piece of your winter ensemble, but they are among the most important: when the weather gets cold, your toes are the first to feel it. Fleece socks keep your feet warm, and a sock liner will help drain off the moisture from rain and snow that inevitably creeps inside your shoe.

Leather Gloves

Mens Black Nappa Leather Gloves

Gloves should be your first order of business when suiting up to go outside. But don't just grab any pair of gloves as you will definitely want a pair with padded insulation and waterproof exterior is key to keeping your fingers warm and dry, even if you can't stuff your gloves deep into your pockets. Leather gloves are ideal for business or formal situations. Snazzy and trendy sports or athletic gloves are handy for more physical activity, like shoveling snow or engaging in snowball fights.

(Leather) jacket

If you want to look good in the winter, it could all come down to your jacket - especially if it's leather. Unsurprisingly, leather jackets require care and attention to withstand the moisture, precipitation, and extremes of winter weather, but looking dashing - and feeling warm - may be well worth the effort.

Winter Vests

There's something special about winter vests. They certainly keep your core snug and insulated, but they're also dynamic pieces of clothing that can be worn in any setting, whether business or casual. Vests can even be donned before and after the climax of winter: the design will keep your chest warm while ensuring you're still dressed "light" for fall or spring weather. It's impossible to go wrong with a vest.


Your body loses a large amount of heat via your neck, and a scarf completes your fashionable winter ensemble and looks good in the process. Get a scarf that complements your choice of jacket, and ensure you master the art of properly tying a scarf. Don't simply loop it over your neck; paying attention to the proper wearing of a scarf not only bundles you up that little bit more, it perfectly rounds off your winter look.

What do you think the most important winter accessories are?

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