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Mens Image Consulting

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    Mens Image Consultant

    With guys thinking more and more about their appearance, the idea of image and style consultants is no longer limited to women. Your

      -Have you thought about what you should and shouldn't wear?
      -Should you wear narrow or spread collars?
      -Are you dressing for the occasion?
      -Do you know what formal means?
      -Do you know how your face-body shape influences what you can wear?
      -Have you been overlooked for a promotion?
      -Do you know if your physique is suited to a Single or Double-Breasted suit?
      -Would you wear a cuff on your trouser hem?
      -What types of collars suit you?
      -Do you suit a wide spread or long tipped collar?
      -What colour and type of shoes are you wearing with your suit?
      -Do you wear cufflinks with a french or barrel cuff?

    These are just a few questions we need to answer.... After we have assessed you, we will work through your wardrobe and pick out which pieces work and the ones that dont. We can do the shopping for you, but ideally we'll drag you around and teach you exactly what to look out for, keeping you looking sharp for any occasion.

    BUT... first we need to assess your face, hair and body to determine what shapes and colours are suitable for you.

    When was the last time you checked out your wardrobe? Perhaps today is the day!

    This creates your "gap"... which we can then go shopping to ensure you have everything necessary for you to look great! One of our consultants will take you shopping for a few hours and you will come back a different man. We will share many fashion tips, especially on classic vs. trendy fads.

    The malebox consultancy voucher is the perfect gift. Purchase yourself or your partner a consultancy gift certificate today! We'll conduct a full assessment and take you to Sydney's coolest stores... beware, you may not recognise yourself in the mirror!

    The Fashion Police are ramping up activity this season. Save yourself the humiliation of an embarrassing public arrest!

    Contact our Fashion Guru and mobile consultant for more information or an appointment. We are also excited to announce that Dimitri has just been accredited with Men's Image/Fashion/Style Programs and Executive Management Programs under Chris Rewell's brand, the most highly regarded image consultancy in Australia. There are only 3 other consultants who recently gained these qualifications!

    WARNING: You will spend some money! But in comparison to the recognition and compliments you will receive, it's totally worth it ...and you will have a great time! Remember, this is about making you are better person. You will feel more confident and you will certainly be catching the eye of those that you wish to impress... be it your management team or anyone else... You have the power to ensure that you send messages stating that you are an appropriately dressed professional who is ready for their next challenge.

There is a set of rules that dictate how you should dress. They are based on what suits your face and body shape, tone, lifestyle, personality, situation and taste. It is unique to you. So if you need some help, contact a qualified image consultant such as Dimitri Kontopos at one of Australia's leading Men's Accessories labels, malebox.

"We have specific processes that analyse a man's skin tone, face shape and body shape - the outcome of that analysis will influence the clothes, patterns and fabrics he should wear".

The End Result

"We help create a superb first impression.... and a long lasting one. Whether we like it or not, others judge us on our appearance. Looking your best increases your confidence and when that first impression really matters, be it a job interview or meeting someone you are attracted to..... well, let's just say... you are in the running, whilst your competitors are overlooked!"

Malebox cufflinks

Updating your style can be daunting! If you would like to improve your appearance, which will boost your self esteem, we want to help you. Our goal is to ensure you feel great every time you walk out the door. The changes you can experience from a positive image are immense.

I think that both women and men appreciate a well dressed guy. He’s the one that stands out in a crowd. He’s not necessarily dressed lavishly or unconventionally, he’s a guy who puts together a great package. If a man cares about the way he looks, it is obvious to other people that he’s got something going on for himself and has more to offer. With that in mind, I have created this e-book as a simple, easy-to-use guide for men to enjoy more success in their lives—personally and professionally.

First impressions count so remember to always dress for the occasion and dress for success!

We care about our customers and aim to provide a reliable and trustworthy resource for men to get their fashion and grooming questions answered, without the awkwardness of discussing personal care with friends or loved ones. Men don’t have to turn metro just to look good. You can still have that guy next door look with the right items in your wardrobe.

Do you want to dress for success?

Purchase your voucher here or contact Dimitri Kontopos on +61 412 571 411 or for more information or an appointment.

This cost is based on sessions in Sydney. If you require Dimitri for a Corporate Speaking Session or Image Consulting Session outside of Sydney, please contact us for a quote.
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